Namaste India: A sharing of India and Indian cultureOn May 20, the sharing of India and Indian culture "Namaste India" will be held in E6·Bentu One. Planned by Bentu One and photograhper Jaya,  four guests from different backgrounds and different industries have been invited to share their experiences in India and feeling for India. From architecture to painting, from art to society, we are about to show you an amazing and attractive India.


India, a place which has not been completely conquered by the so-called modern civilization, has its rich diversity of spectacular landscapes, splendid culture, beautiful arts, mysterious spiritual power as well as the deep and complex social problems. Some people say they found their home of heart and fall in love with this country, while some people never come back again after the first glance.



Of the four guests invited, two come from India and the others are from China. Two Indian artists grew up under the influence of ancient Indian culture, even engaged in different industries, they never stop expressing their love for this land to the world with own unique thinking and experiences. Two Chinese artists are fascinated in the culture of India since studied or travelled in India, and such irresistible love makes people more curious about the charms of India.

Through this sharing, we hope that people will take off the colored glasses under the control of the mainstream media and it is worthy to feel the inner spirit of this magnificent country by our own eyes and hearts.




14: 00 - 17: 00





E6 · 本土一间(北京市东城区美术馆后街77 文创园2号楼地下一层)

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May 20, 2018

14: 00 - 17: 00

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舒伯迪 玛吉 印度传统细密画画家/建筑师



Subhodeep Maji, Painter/Architect

Maji was born in 1990, in Kolkata-the former capital and culture center of India. He is nourished by the strong spiritual atmosphere of the city and he is fascinated by ancient art in different cultures. He began to learning painting from his childhood and has keen interest in traditional Indian miniature, especially the Mughal style. Now He is working as the Designer in a renowned architecture firm of India - Edifice and he chose painting as a parallel career in his life.

He will share his knowledge about the architect, as well as the experience of the career in EDIFICE. Also maybe he will bring the story and photo about his recent trip to Ladakh.

潘姆蒂 侯赛因 手绘版画艺术家

潘姆蒂出生在孟加拉达卡,从小和父母分别在印度和孟加拉生活。她在加尔各达郊区 Shantiniketan泰戈尔创办的国际大学,学习八年艺术。她使用版画和绘画结合的形式,表达内心对世界和社会问题的感受。她也自己制作绘画纸张。


Promiti Hossain, Painter/Print artist

Promiti was born in Bangladesh and in childhood she stayed with her mother in India for many years and also she studied art in Shantiniktan for eight years. So she has identity both in India and bengal culture. She uses the media as the combine of drawing and print. She also focuses on the recycle handmade paper. There is kind of control and elegance of the female softness in her work. 

Combining her recent print work on paper, this time she will talk about the big social problem, sexualised violence in India, which have been haunt this country for long time.

张筱晴 奥迪西舞者

研习古典舞蹈奥迪西十余载,五次游学印度。从新德里到布班内斯瓦,从加尔各答到金奈。师从Ashok Chakrabhordy, Sujata Mohapatra, Renjith & Vjina 等大师,表演经历丰富。


Zhang Xiaoqing, Odissy dancer

She has study this classical art dance for ten years and five-time study trips in different dance school in India. Her teacher includes Ashok Chakrabhordy, Sujata Mohapatra, Renjith & Vjina. She has plenty stage experiences.

This time she will share her learning stories and also performance a piece of beautiful dance and at the same time explain the audience to know how to read a classical Indian dance.

张娜 摄影师


在分享会中她将展示一些去年在加尔各答Durga puja拍摄的照片, 以及在不同艺术家家里拍摄的视频,让我们跟随镜头近距离接触他们的生活。

Jaya, Photographer

She has been doing different documentary projects for the recent several years. After touching the culture of India, she was shocked by its beautiful spirit.

This time she will show us some photos of Durga puja, which she experienced last October in Kolkota, as well as the video she took for an vocal artist of Karnatak, in the trip of south India three years ago. Let's have a close visiting under her lens.

E6 · 本土一间


URBANUS都市实践与BENTU本土创造联合启动的实验性非经营空间项目。 作为分属双方各自的空间品牌,基于相似的文化基因和共通理念,URBANUS都市实践与BENTU本土创造进行深度合作,跨界探索一种去产品化、自我更新的空间生长模式:我们期待艺术、设计领域新锐思想的碰撞,欢迎人文学术的探讨,科技行业的创新实践。在不同思想的激荡与蘖生中,穿越空间属性的「无」,生成哲学层面的「有」。