Concept Exhibition of Wasted Daily-use Ceramics from Chaozhou, China


20-30 April, F4, Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition


Decorum, the appropriate behavioral norms and order that recognized by the society.


Chaozhou, China, a classic rural society of isolated and static style, consists of thousands years of ceramics and tea culture. In the 20th century, economic globalization swept over the world, neat and orderly-planed old towns rapidly disappeared, as well as the traditional rural culture that rooted in consanguinity and regionalism. In the 21st century, Chaozhou supplies 70% of the total ceramic commodities for the world, becoming the world's largest daily-use ceramics production base. However, behind the huge output and commercial value of the industry are dumping price, excess capacity, dust pollution, irresponsibly disposal...... Desire is out of control.


WRECK, the destruction of decorum, the ruin of culture. We are trying, trying to recycle the wasted daily-use ceramics that is non-degradable and difficult in reutilization. Is it possible to reshape both the material and decorum?


"Economic globalization is ultimately the urbanization and homogeneity. The ancient architecture containing traditional culture, the rural relationship underneath the ancient bricks and tiles, in the non-stop changing China society, all ended up in the inescapable fate, the fate of being swallowed and homogenized."


"A recycling plants in Chaoan,Chaozhou recovers 1000 tons of waste ceramics per year. This is not only a cross section of ceramics industry in Chaozhou, but also the aftereffect of uneven global economic development. The garbage located China actually came from the world."


"When we entered in a factory, the man we came into contact with is no longer one of 48300 workers counting in the Fengxi Ceramic Industrial Zone, nor one type of job in dozens of ceramic work. He or she is a living human, maybe married, maybe comes from Sichuan, maybe tired of the cold in the north, maybe interested in listening to history criticism during boring work. In short, They work hard, love life and live their lives independently."


"It is interesting that, the ban issued by the Chinese government, about no longer receiving 24 types of imported solid waste such as plastics, waste paper, waste slag, waste textiles, abandoned slag, etc, officially took effect from January 2018. As a result, half of the world's “foreign garbage” needs to find another way out. But some corners of the real world, “foreign garbage” is still being dumped on Chinese land in the form of contract waste. All-out ban or keep ignoring? What a difficult question. "


"Regenerate the wasted daily-use ceramics that is non-degradable and difficult in reutilization and proceed mass production. WERCK, an recycle experiment of wasted daily-use ceramics, see you in Shenzhen on April 20th."




BENTU SURFACE grew out of the crossover experiments designed and performed by concrete design brand Bentu. With the curiosity towards the world and the equal care for all—all the raw materials, techniques and cultures that make up things, a group of people who fiddle with concrete would like to redefine the value of building materials upon living space. By perceiving the feelings, temperature, textures, colors of materials and exploring the arts and techniques, we make each material return to its nature.